Repairing a broken phone is expensive and inconvenient.
Protect your today to enjoy repairs within 24 hours!

Why get device protection?

Free pick-up & delivery

Stay where you are and stay safe. We’ll pick-up and return your device for free.

Repair as fast as 24 hours

Get your phone back in as fast as 24 hours. We’ll keep you updated on the repair process. T&C apply.

Money-back guarantee

We’ll give your money back if we can’t repair your phone within the time promised. T&C apply.

Coverage & Benefits

Broken, cracked or shattered screen

Any unintentional physical damage to your phone

Damage caused by liquid spills (even soft drinks & coffee!)

Phone replacement service when the device can’t be fixed

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Security Bank and bolttech aim to give you an uninterrupted digital lifestyle to protect and repair your mobile devices. Together, we strive to keep you at ease and allow you to stay in touch with the people you care about.